Who am I: (never stop asking that question…)

I’m Lior Locher (though you might have met me as Christine),  Cosmopolitan between London and the seaside, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. I understand and support change and changemakers. Using the energy of entrepreneurship and the deep care to make things better for everyone, that’s what it’s about. Not the quick fixes. Stuff that goes deep enough and then gets practical. Humor. Depth, lightly held.

A few things I care about here on YouTube. If you need a bigger focus, start with the Sustainable Development Goals. Brief “Why this? Why now?” here.
Living in Systems profile here where I’m a regular contributor.

In my 40s, experience on the corporate side and with startups and on nonprofit boards, over a decade in high-pressure environments (3 of the top 5 consulting companies). I love working in projects. Lots of work in tech, and unapologetically #TeamHuman.

Author, avid reader, Jewish, nonbinary, artist, systems practitioner, speaker, community builder and networker. Curious neogeneralist.

ORCID-ID here. Coach Profile here.
Full list of coaching and related qualifications here.

EMCC award - 2019 - banner - coaching - nominated

How I work:

  • Trained Coach (ICF standard) since 2007. Degrees in systems thinking/change as well as communication/psychology and some other stuff that lends itself to nerdy conversations in a pub. Certificates available if you’re into that sorta thing.
  • Strong focus on values and purpose. We go deep and make it practical so you actually implement what matters the most (free values worksheet here to get you started), or get the book , or the more academic angle here
  • High “BS-o-meter” paired with deep compassion. I do messy change for a living (I sometimes tell people I’m a “baggage handler” when they ask what I do). I’ve heard most of the excuses and I’ve been there myself, failing miserably, succeeding beyond what I thought achievable for “someone like me”, and the whole gloriously messy life in-between
  • Deep expertise in how humans learn and grow: Coaching, facilitation, own personal practice as well as license for psychotherapy in Germany (Heilpraktiker Psychotherapie), drawing from a broad range of approaches
  • I practice what I preach. Ongoing research and integration of new developments in the field and a vibrant community of practice. Continuing own training and coaching. Connect on  Twitter to see what I’m up to these days.
  • Work across all forms of delivery and media, that includes fully virtually. Building on a career in journalism and then Learning and Development/elearning so we can find the right format for the right occasion.
  • Snapshot of how I see coaching 
  • Profile pdf for download