Whether live face to face, or virtually: I LOVE doing these. Sharing some of the things I’m passionate about, bringing people together around a topic, starting connections, inspiring action.

I have a background in journalism and in learning design, and when I show up I show up. This makes it insightful, entertaining and focused towards action.

Ping me to have a chat how I might be able to help.

My TEDx talk “what we lose through binary thinking and what to do instead”

Here are some of the things I did recently that are public(ish):

The nonbinary experience at the King’s Fund

The nonbinary experience at Unilever’s global PRIDE event 2022

The Importance of Showing Up

ISOLATEDtalk: “Let’s – a pep talk for sharing stories to build community

Chairing two sessions at LTDX (in German)

Rituals Reconstructed. Panel on LGBTQI+ Religious Identities in a Pandemic

Sussex CIPD

Webinar on solution-focused working with the Learning and Performance Institute

LnD hangout session on solution-focused practice – teaser video here

Solution-focused coaching approaches to navigate times of crisis (for eLN network members)


Learning Technologies 2020: Lunchtime session on Values and Decision Making.  Check out the video. Get your session resource pack here. 

INCLUSION in L&D: Evening session and some reflections  and more reflections