The full title of the book is “Global Challenges to CSR and Sustainable Development: Root Causes and Evidence from Case Studies”, and I have a chapter in it.

This book examines and analyzes the challenges programmes for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development are facing in global management practice. It looks at the dichotomy of a general and popular demand for responsible and resilient management, and the counterplayers that impact the positive effect of such efforts. The book assembles latest research looking at the root causes for this opposition, and new case studies that showcase the dilemma and possible solutions to overcome it. Overall, the book juxtaposes short terminism within CSR programmes and longer term sustainable development, mis-allocation of resources and failed promises associated with CSR, and sketches pathways how CSR and sustainable development can be directed towards the most pressing issues.

I do a lot of work with people and organizations in that space. My chapter is of course on values and decision making.

Here is a teaser from the abstract:

Making the fundamental shifts required towards greater social responsibility and sustainability requires a fundamentally different outlook and a systemic approach – for organizations, for individuals who drive change on their behalf and for those making the shifts out there on a daily basis to make it take hold in practice.

For all these change-makers, keeping the line of sight between a big goal and what drives them personally is a challenge that can overwhelm and lead to inaction in the face of the current reality. Key elements that help making big, longer-term systemic shifts actionable in the day-to-day are values and decisions, paired with a “teal” mindset.

The book is available here or through your local infrastructure. It was a delight to be involved in this project.