I was a journalist before I moved into learning, coaching and personal development, and that impulse to get content out there is still itching. These days, I work mostly in English.

Some of the places I worked at as a journalist while that was the main gig: Sueddeutsche Zeitung (a bit like the Guardian), Bayern 2 and B5 (a bit like Radio 4), Pro7/N24 (online), ddp news agency.

Where I am currently writing/contributing (selection): Journal of Beautiful Business, Training Journal, Training Industry, HRZone, TrainingZone, Unleash, Living in Systems, BA Digest

Ping me for collaboration or contribution ideas.

Here is what is out there so far:

What my education got me (Advent Blog)

On Failure and Showing Up

My contribution to the Advent Blog on human life

How to make your organization more inclusive for nonbinary people

Coming out as nonbinary

The Trust Hangouts. 3 part series in the Training Journal

The Mensch on Zoom. Becoming Jewish in 2020

On BEING online. Shared meaning-making and some pointers for leadership 

A DYI Approach to Miracles (Journal of Beautiful Business)

Embodiment, facilitation and holding space in gallery view (Living in Systems)

An invitation to play. How experimenting during a crisis turned into an accidental global career

Beyond the Binary: Guest blog with Voice at the Table

Article: Responsibilities, Resources and Reflective Practice: Turning Global L&D Challenges into Advantages. Trainingjournal.com

Guest Blog for the 2019 Global Peter Drucker Forum: Using Values as common guidelines for action in complex ecosystems

Essay at Kosmos Journal for Global Transformation: Secular Activism: Values as a Means to invite greater Depth 

Guest blog at the Charity Learning Consortium: Top Tips to Bring your Values to Life

Guest blog here at Tom McCallum’s: Your pain and where to put it (to work) 

Guest blog at the Psychosynthesis trust: The Rough with the Smooth

Guest blog on “hope” at the Advent Blog series


I also write about art , and I write short stories and poetry.