I was a journalist before I moved into learning, coaching and personal development, and that impulse to get content out there is still itching. These days, I work mostly in English.

Some of the places I worked at as a journalist while that was the main gig: Sueddeutsche Zeitung (a bit like the Guardian), Bayern 2 and B5 (a bit like Radio 4), Pro7/N24 (online), ddp news agency.

Where I am currently writing/contributing (selection): Journal of Beautiful Business, Training Journal, Training Industry, HRZone, TrainingZone, Unleash, Living in Systems

Ping me for collaboration or contribution ideas.

Here is what is out there so far:

How to make your organization more inclusive for nonbinary people

Coming out as nonbinary

The Trust Hangouts. 3 part series in the Training Journal

The Mensch on Zoom. Becoming Jewish in 2020

On BEING online. Shared meaning-making and some pointers for leadership 

A DYI Approach to Miracles (Journal of Beautiful Business)

Embodiment, facilitation and holding space in gallery view (Living in Systems)

An invitation to play. How experimenting during a crisis turned into an accidental global career

Beyond the Binary: Guest blog with Voice at the Table

Article: Responsibilities, Resources and Reflective Practice: Turning Global L&D Challenges into Advantages. Trainingjournal.com

Guest Blog for the 2019 Global Peter Drucker Forum: Using Values as common guidelines for action in complex ecosystems

Essay at Kosmos Journal for Global Transformation: Secular Activism: Values as a Means to invite greater Depth 

Guest blog at the Charity Learning Consortium: Top Tips to Bring your Values to Life

Guest blog here at Tom McCallum’s: Your pain and where to put it (to work) 

Guest blog at the Psychosynthesis trust: The Rough with the Smooth

Guest blog on “hope” at the Advent Blog series


I also write about art , and I write short stories and poetry.