Some of you might want to know details where and how I trained and what inspires and drives my work.

Latest version of my coach profile

Here are the details of my background:

This will evolve as I keep learning.

Coach training:
Integral Business Coach (ICF-accredited) with Coaching Center Berlin (2007)
Transformational Presence (ICF-accredited) with Alan Seale (2012)
Nominated for EMCC Coach of the Year award in 2019
ICAgile ATF and ACC (team facilitator and coach-certified)

Further tools and methods that I use at times or that influence my work: Psychosynthesis (particularly working with symbols and subpersonalities), learned as part of facilitator training for WYSE NGO, and with short courses at the Psychosynthesis trust
Systemic structural constellation: Short courses with Matthias Varga von Kibed and others
Improv theater: Studied with various teaches in Germany, the US and the UK
Social Presencing: With Joan O’Donnell
Inner Yoga: A therapeutic lens on Yoga and embodiment, trained in Germany with Sivananda Yoga (classical Hatha), Air Yoga in Munich, Spirit Yoga in Berlin, Sri Vast Ashram in India (Hatha and Inner Yoga, mediation, nutrition, ecology and community living), classes in Auroville and with many traveling teachers. Ongoing own practice.
Meditation and spiritual growth practices: As part of Yoga training and practice, and separately in various places in India such as Vipassana Dhamma Giri and Tushita. I converted to Liberal Judaism in 2020 so my own spiritual practice is more Jewish these days, e.g. Mussar.
10+ years of being part of various Gestalt growth groups in Germany, US and UK
Working with art and rituals (inspired by “Birdman” Hans Langer, Doug Shaw and many others). Own ongoing artistic practice and reflection – This is one of the focal points of my own growth work right now.

Useful academic background:
M.A. in Communication, Intercultural Studies and Psychology (Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich, with studies abroad in Ecuador (self-organized) and at Kyushu University in Japan), includes undergrad degree in same subjects
Postgrad Certificate in peaceful conflict resolution (Fernuni Hagen)
Postgrad Certificate in systems thinking in practice (Open University)
Professional Certificate in Solution-focused Business Practice (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)
I once got asked for some references to my work so I compiled this

Mental Health/Therapy/professional license:
License for psychotherapy (Heilpraktiker Psychotherapie) with the state health board of the state of Bavaria in 2009. Valid in and for Germany.
Trained in Rogers/Client Centered Therapy and Gestalt work with Christopher Ofenstein in Germany. Worked with clients under supervision.
Further training at Heiligenfeld Clinic (Germany) on mental wellbeing (3 out of 8 modules, put on hold due to move abroad)
Short course on trauma therapy with Iron Mill College in the UK
NOTE: I do not practice Psychotherapy or Counselling. I am listing this so you know I have this background and training and level of depth and understanding. So if anything comes up in coaching that enters therapy territory, I will refer accordingly.