The DIY Phoenix:
How to drag yourself out of the ashes, mend your wings and start flying again.

A practical guide to help you keep going in gnarly times. It starts where you are, and guides you in a solution-focused way to get going again. It will be on kindle.

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So, you’re in a bit of a mess right now? Your old life might be ashes, your wings singed and broken. A phoenix-in-the-making who can’t wait to fly again. This isn’t the shiny goal book. This is the “crawling on your eyebrows counts as moving forward” book. And how to make that easier so you can get yourself back together, to fly with a bigger wingspan.

This is a longer game. You’re still here. That is great. Keep that up, please. You don’t have to know what the next goal looks like or what the next step is. But you have to keep going. You can sort out the next thing later. In the meantime, get yourself out of the ashes, mend your wings and rebuild. This book (or rather, taking some of the elements and applying them) helps with that. It is a guiding conversation; a wealth of recommendations and examples and it is relentlessly practical. We start with where you are, and build from there. Come on in!

Excerpts and examples here on YouTube

This small but perfectly formed book will have 3 main parts (rather predictably, given the title) :

Intro (featuring things like the anatomy of a mess, liminal spaces, journeys and destinations, resilience and growth)

Out of the ashes (sorting out the basics, focus on solutions, working with shame/guilt/regret, being vs. doing and celebrating milestones)

Mend your wings (Your inner and outer support squad, doing the doing)

A bigger wingspan (start flying again): How to bring this back to make life better for others

AND a bonus chapter how to best support others if this isn’t about your own situation

I will share a bit more as the book shapes up.

And if you’re into footnotes, there will be a pack with further reading to comfort you I didn’t just pull this out of thin air. (A note though, if you are interested in this for yourself, your situation might require other ways of being and doing. You are unlikely to footnote yourself out of a mess. Just saying.)