I write. A lot. For a few reasons:

  • I think best by writing it down, it is how I make sense of the world. My first career was in journalism and it is still itching
  • People still read, it is a good way to scan, to seek, to get pointers from a variety of sources. To see life through a different pair of eyes. It is like getting a second life, like being able to try out something new. And then you find a few morsels you like and bring them back
  • Giving back. Other people’s writing was instrumental on my own path. I am now able to share some of my own work. Most of what I share in writing is free. Not everyone is able to or wants to have a coach, but everyone should be able to get help on their journey to make a next step.

I started writing as Christine Locher, now I write as Lior Locher.


Free resources here to get you started on your journey
And if you’re curious about academic references and further reading, it’s here.


The DIY Phoenix How to drag yourself out of the ashes, mend your wings and start flying again. Book review here on the From Scratch podcast.

Global Challenges in CSR and Sustainable Development with a chapter on values

The Book of Beautiful Business: Featured with a deconstruction of a coaching process

Values-based: Career and Life Change that makes sense (aimed at individuals in change): Second edition 🙂

And of course I blog, right here. And on Medium

Guest blogs and articles: Full list here