EMCC award - 2019 - banner - coaching - nominated

The morning after my TEDx talk:

From entrepreneur client:

“Lior has coached me over the past few months. I am a business owner who needed help to focus more on marketing and growing my business – I do what I do because I love doing it and I love helping people but I find it difficult to charge my clients what my service is worth. Due to increasing demand for my service,I was feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of scaling my business to the next level. Lior kept me focused, and, with powerful questioning gave me the insight I needed to see what I need to change and the steps I need to take to grow my business and has inspired me to see that expanding my business will allow me to reach and help even more of the people who can benefit from what I do. In addition to her insightful coaching and ability to keep me focused on the issue, Lior has a great sense of humour which meant I looked forward to sessions each week. Lior’s coaching sessions have made an amazing difference, and have been really enjoyable. I highly recommend Lior”

From an early-stage social entrepreneur:

“Working with Lior (Christine) has been a real privilege. She really knows her stuff and even in a relatively short space of time she was able to really help me push my thinking about my social enterprise forward and bring clarity to areas which before had seemed blurry. I can thoroughly recommend working with Lior for anyone who can use some solid and creative thinking support”.

From Kristoff DuBose, Founder of Cirkularis8

“When starting my new business, I knew deep down it had to be a radical departure from the norm. Christine challenged me and challenged me, first with all the normal questions of value mission statement etc, but we very quickly moved to a new direction as she drew it out of us. To put it in simple terms, we are plowing ahead full steam in a direction we never imagined at first, but now that we see it are filled with excitement!”

From workshop participants (small, growing business):

“Lateral Thinker extraordinaire”

“Best workshop ever. No management bulls**t, no stupid games. Practical next steps what we need to do next”

From Software Entrepreneur, London:

“Christine led me through a sophisticated exercise to evaluate and bring out the values that are fundamental to me, my business and I have discovered also my team. This has been very powerful in allowing us to focus on what is really exciting about our activity and thus effectively find and communicate the important emotional vibe to others. Every dialogue with Christine has been uplifting, enthusiastic and smart. Christine is awesome.”

From new entrepreneur looking to grow his team (Brazil):

As a coach Christine works as a broad mirror. She will show you the obvious things that you just cannot see for yourself, which is absolutely necessary. They say that one don’t make it far just by having esoteric ideas and implementing them, but that you actually will go far by not forgetting the basic and doing it right.
As a young entrepreneur I was all the time focusing on the details and going far away from the basic, urgent and strategic tasks, but Christine managed to show me that I might be losing focus of the important things in my project. Not only that, she also guided me in areas that I was avoiding because of lack of confidence and experience, such as managing other people.
All in all I can only say that her support really helped me in my way as an entrepreneur and as a person.”

Some of my work with entrepreneur clients is very early stage (if you are looking for logos etc, they often don’t have one yet). Some would like to keep the engagement confidential. If you are looking for more background or would like an introduction to somebody to get a reference what working with me is like, just reach out and I am happy to sort something out. 


From some of my coaching clients:

“Christine’s coaching had a wonderful lightness which prevented things ever getting too significant. It as always a great pleasure to talk to her. We did a couple of memorable sessions on sub-personalities which really opened up something new for me and gave me an access to dealing with my internal conflicts in a completely new way.”

“Christine was able to take me out of my own way – by that I mean she was able to de-personalise how and what I assessed about my own values and beliefs, making it easier to take rational and balanced approach to reviewing them. In doing so this took out the emotion from the discussion and made it more productive.
I had a clearer picture of what I was currently doing that lacked congruence with my own values, how I and why I wanted to change this (creating a sense of urgency with the matter at hand) as well as practical analysis and actions to move forward with.
I came away with clear ideas and next steps, as well as feeling as though I had taken part in a thorough and details personal analysis on my own values and behaviours”.

“Christine is an incredible Coach; she is authentic and brings her unique style of curiosity, humor and personal connection. Christine’s co-created a space which not only empowered, but allowed for creativity, exploration and ownership.” 
“Christine brings authenticity to her role as Coach. This is demonstrated through unique style of curiosity, humor and connection. Christine was an exceptional mirror for me to springboard new ideas and test solutions.”