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What my clients say about me

You have reached a lot, but are dissatisfied (or a bit bored, really).
Decisions that looked really good on paper turned out to not be the source of satisfaction you were looking for, and that gnaws at you.

Or the situation has just completely changed and nothing seems to be making sense the way it used to, and you are not sure how to approach the big questions that are looming.

What is missing?

From my experience, the key building blocks (in addition to getting the numbers right, you’ve got this nailed, as far as things are predictable) are: Values, Intuition and Integrity. They can serve as anchors to ground you, while keeping a long enough rope to allow for the movement you need right now.

Today is the perfect time. Yes, things are very much in flux right now, but the good news is, you don’t have to wait for things to settle to start making meaningful change and better decisions for yourself. Start where you are. Get to know yourself and what drives you on a deeper level and learn tools to “go there” and back and make this a habit in the future. Expand your comfort zone a bit and with it your range of options, towards a future you actually care about. Particularly when it’s all a bit of a mess out there right now.

What I offer:

Coaching for individuals, open group programs and for your organization: training, short masterclasses and more ongoing support – this can be tailored, let’s chat.

We go deep, and we make it practical.

Nominated for the EMCC Global Coaching Award 2019. EMCC award - 2019 - banner - coaching - nominated

Why this? Why now?

A snapshot of what coaching can be like here.

What my clients say about me

The parameters:

  • Clear goals and commitments we develop together
  • Improvement in quality of life, professional and other areas of success along key metrics defined by you
  • Giving you the skills and tools to keep this going yourself and to have better conversations with your boss, your team and your friends/family as you start implementing changes
  • Predictable investment
  • Some more background information about the coaching process here
  • Group options available – ping me for details


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