Companies often have reporting requirements. People usually don’t, or not as much as we think we do. You don’t have to update everyone with everything that is emerging. You don’t. If you have a partner, you probably have a good grasp at what stage of thinking process and with what sort of topics they want to get looped into, and how (if not and you are sharing/building a life with someone, have these conversations!).

For most other people around you – it’s OK NOT to tell everyone everything immediately as you are figuring out what comes next, or as you are making changes or as you are hatching out entrepreneurial ideas. Incubation periods are a part of change. Not everyone will welcome change, and envy can make people do unhelpful things, even when they are your friends or family. As you are experimenting with reshuffling parts of your life or trying out something new – be choiceful about how much you share and with whom, and when. Give yourself time.

Gather your cheerleaders to support you – and keep your little hatchlings away from people known to pour ice water over everything until they had a chance to grow.

You will also find that, as you start to play in new fields, you will meet new people, make new friends, go to different events (live or virtually). This might need skills in prioritizing, setting boundaries and in negotiating and renegotiating that space as a lot of elements of your old life still continue at full speed. These are key skills for turbulent times. Make this a conscious part of your change journey. And if you don’t know where to start, start by making that space.

Part of your headspace will be occupied with lots of new things. Celebrate that. Check out that new scene, revel in being a beginner once again. It’s how new stuff starts happening, in creating those new connections between things, ideas, people. The more you can make this enjoyable, and find people who support you, the better. In all other cases, it can be OK to be quiet for a bit.

Check out the values worksheet here.
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